Many motivations can lead a person to leave their country , whether for work, studies or even the prospect of a better life. It is a fact, global mobility is becoming a trend increasingly practiced by people and companies: Moreover, the current scenario reinforces the perception that it is possible to manage one’s life and career regardless of one’s location in the world, thanks to technological advances.

Inter Nations interviewed over 20,000 expats around the world (covering over 182 nationalities) for an annual survey which revealed that over 65% of respondents intend to stay in the destination country for a long period (at least 3 years) , or even indefinitely.

This survey also revealed the ranking of the best destinations for expatriates. On the podium of the top 3 are Taiwan, Vietnam and Portugal, the latter still holding the title of the best European destination.   This survey also reveals that expatriates are generally present all over the world.

Absolutely everything ! Why ? Because when a person leaves their country of origin, a need to “feel at home” develops, which makes the process of choosing a new residence in a place they don’t know complex.

In this way, it ends up being influenced only by research or references as well as the opinion of the real estate agent ,… and that real estate agent is you! Yes, you, on the other side of this screen! Do you see the opportunity dawning?

Now that you know, we bet you are already thinking about how to target the ideal type of product for each of these profiles. Are you in a rush to start browsing your listings and finding contacts? Don’t start without reading the next tips we have for you.

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